It’s becoming a cliche: “Geek is the new sexy”. But is it true? Certainly some geeks are sexy. Olivia Munn, Felicia Day, Matt Smith, even Mark Zuckerberg (if only because of his wallet).

But a lot of us aren’t quite all the way there yet. Maybe we’re struggling with our weight, our fashion sense, or just a lack of confidence.

The good news is that with our superior intelligence, we can spend a lot less time and effort on this stuff than the beautiful airheads do. Geeks believe that laziness is a virtue.¬†We use our brain power to find the most efficient way to do something. We hate inefficiency and wasted effort. To a geek…

The Lazy Way Is The Smart Way

I’ve spent 15 years researching fitness, style, social skills, and dating. And everything I’ve uncovered has led me to the conclusion that less is more. You don’t get extra points for putting in more hard work. You just get tired and burnt out.

For example:

  • Crash diets always backfire. It’s scientifically proven. I can show you how to eat right 85% of the time and get better results without starving yourself or counting calories
  • Want to build muscle and get ripped? Don’t do what the bodybuilders do. It’s inefficient. You can get ripped in two workouts a week if you know what you’re doing
  • Fashion is complicated, but style is simple. I’ll show you the basic principles of fit, color, and texture so you can use clothes to look fitter, richer, and more manly all while spending less money than you thought possible.
  • Afraid of girls? Guess what, they’re more afraid of you. Just treat them like regular people and you’ll be fine. I’ll show you how to change your attitude to get women to start flirting with you.

Why should we listen to you?

Because I’m a nerd and a recovering dork, just like you. I learned all this shit the hard way so I know what works and what doesn’t.

And because I’m just a regular guy, like you, I won’t bore with the details of stuff that you don’t care about. Fitness books are written by fitness buffs, style books are written by dandies, and dating guides are written by sleazy pick-up artists. I’ve mined all this information to extract the good stuff that you can actually use so you can ignore the rest and get sexy as soon as possible.

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