The Sexy Geek at WonderCon 2012

I will be at WonderCon this weekend meeting fans and making new friends. Stop by the House of Silk booth (#813) on Sunday from 11-11:30am or 3-4pm to hang out and chat. There’s also some hot models and hot artwork from my friend J.P. Roth’s new Ancient Dreams series. And don’t forget that you can get a free preview of my soon-to-be-published book The Sexy Geek by entering your email address in the sign-up form below:


Stay sexy, my friends.

One thought on “The Sexy Geek at WonderCon 2012

  1. Hey Joe,

    thanks for stopping by and for the compliments!! I love your header (and domain name) – love the rims!!

    You know already from my site that I like the minimalist look. I hope all goes well at wondercon & good luck with the e-book,

    take care & best wishes,

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