Nick Cannon forced to start living like a Sexy Geek

Nick Cannon’s kidney problems have forced him to give up junk food and start taking better care of himself. I’m not sure if his poor eating habits caused his health problems, but I’m sure they contributed to his condition or at least aggravated it. Read more here.

I especially like this quote of his:

I always considered myself as someone who was in great shape, but I was doing too much (to my body) so my immune system got confused and just started attacking my kidneys… I look like I’m in shape, but I was putting the wrong stuff into my body, speeding all the time, not sleeping and eating properly – it’s all about taking time and really caring about yourself and how you fuel yourself.

I’m glad that he’s cleaned up his diet, but it’s clear that his attitudes to food still haven’t changed. He and I clearly have different definitions of “good oatmeal”:

Cannon’s since had to replace his beloved sugar-filled Lucky Charms cereal with oats as he “can’t have none of that stuff anymore”, but he moans, “(It’s) not even the good oatmeal. (It’s) real oats, like horse-feed stuff – but it’s cool. I’ve got to start to love it.”

Dude, what do you have against real oats? Maybe you’re just not making your oatmeal properly. Try this recipe from eat2succeed:

  • 1/2 cup (45 g) of rolled oats
  • 2/3 cup (157 g) of skimmed milk
  • 2/3 scoop (20 g) of chocolate whey protein powder
  • 1 cup (125 g) of frozen raspberries
  • A dash of cinnamon

    High protein chocolate raspberry oatmeal (photo by eat2succeed)


Personally, I would use whole milk because I think the fat is probably good for me and it’s more filling. And I would add some chia seeds for a nice crunch and some extra fiber and god knows how many vitamins and minerals (’cause chia apparently has all of them in abundance).

Remember, if you put garbage in your body, your body will look and feel like garbage. If you put healthy food in your body, your body will look and feel healthy.

Eat smart, live smart. That’s The Sexy Geek way.

3 thoughts on “Nick Cannon forced to start living like a Sexy Geek

  1. I’m with NC! Oatmeal is icky. It has just recently become part of my smoke-free, nearly alcohol-free, attempt to eat healthy life and I’m not crazy about it. I add raisins and brown sugar (raw, natural cane, blah blah blah) and it’s better but still sticky and mushy. I’ll have to try the frozen raspberries, though I’m avoiding dairy so use water instead. I’m guessing the chocolate whey protein powder is for the guys, so would probably skip that.

    On that note, when does “The Sexy Geekess” come out? :)

  2. You wouldn’t like chia seeds, then. They turn to a gel when soaked in water (though they remain slightly crunchy).

    The Sexy Geek Goddess will be written when I find a suitable female co-author. Are you volunteering?

    • Yeah, chia seeds sound creepy when you put it that way. lol. But really, I’ll eat and try just about anything if it’s good for me. I’ve even gotten used to some things I once thought were gross…such as eating breakfast. Still not a fan, but it’s a must! Ha.

      I could only consider co-authoring anything with you an honor. But I fear it would not be the same for you! Ha. I’m really not nearly as clever as you are. And while I’ve got some of the Geek part covered, it’s the Goddess part that I’m still working on. Also…learning how to cook, working on that one too. Def like some of the stuff you put up, so thanks for that!

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